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Spitfire Audio Originals 50% off


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43 minutes ago, bdickens said:

A dreaded evil corporation is nothing but a specific type of business entity. Words on paper.  A one man operation can be incorporated. But you people don't understand that.

We people we stupid 🤣

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12 minutes ago, Reid Rosefelt said:

I don't see anything about the sale on the site.  

Is this limited to first time purchasers of Spitfire Products?   Or first time purchasers of a Spitfire Originals product?

Thanks!  TTF

I'm a first time purchaser and the code works for me. You might try it just to see if it works for you too. Does anyone know when this sale expires? Is it a one day sale?

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I ended up making a pig of myself! I got Cinematic Pads, Cinematic Frozen Strings, Intimate Strings, and Felt Piano.  Be sure to put everything you want into one singular order.  You only get one bite at the apple. The discount code only works once.  

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