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Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer 3.3 - Get 10% off

Scott R. Garrigus

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1 hour ago, Glyn Barnes said:

Has anyone used this? It seems to have a lot of potential but is it really useful in practice?

I have it and have used it.
The ability to use any plugin or combination of plugins in a multiband scenario and control/automate any** parameter of it (such as the widths of the bands) or the plugins used - make this a beast.
**at least everything I tested it on.

Possible Cons:

  • No built in LFO(s) 
  • I saw a post somewhere that that there's phase issues at the crossover frequencies.
    Don't know if this is true or not, I have not noticed this, at least with what I've been doing or seen other instances of complaint.
    And I don't know if MB7s phase issues are any worse that any other non-linear phase multiband or EQ plugin.

If it sounds like something you're interested in check out the demo version.  With some of these multi-featured plugins (Kilohearts, Melda, etc) its more a matter of whether they fit your style as opposed to whether or not they can do the job.


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