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Morten Saether

2022.06 Update 1 [Updated 26-Jul-2022]

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[UPDATE 26-Jul-2022: Cakewalk 2022.06 Update 1 (build now available]

We're pleased to announce the 2022.06 release! This release introduces Mackie control surface improvements, loop and punch record enhancements, key binding to render Region FX, support for local help, in-app update improvements, plus various enhancements and bug fixes for user reported issues.

Please note that in order to automatically keep your activation status up to date, Cakewalk will renew your activation status whenever a new version of the application is installed and run for the first time, and when you sign in to BandLab from within Cakewalk. If you have never signed in to BandLab from within Cakewalk, you will be prompted once to sign in. 

The Bakers

For new feature details, see New Features.

Should you need to revert to the 2022.02 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2022.02 Rollback installer.


Update Jul 26 2022:

2022.06 Update 1 (build


Bug fixes:

  • Audio Export presets not changing file type
  • Extend Takes to Punch Out Time always reverts to loop End time when not loop comping
  • Extend Takes to Punch Out Time / Comping Loop extend clip behavior should also work for MIDI clip recording
  • Note name changes in Piano Roll view revert after clicking note
  • Tracks are added in reverse order when moving to folder
  • Process Effect plugin window requires minimum size
  • Some users experiencing Activation Error 20
  • Updated to latest Microsoft VC redistributables



2022.06 Highlights


Automatically extend final take when loop recording in Comping mode

When loop recording in Comping mode image.png, the last take now automatically extends to the loop end time if more than one loop iteration was recorded. This prevents previous takes from being split at the transport stop time, and makes comping much easier because each take is a complete clip.

Note: If you loop record in Comping mode and also have auto punch Extend Takes to Punch Out Time enabled, then the last take will be extended to whichever occurs first: loop end or punch out time.

Old behavior (incomplete last take and split clips):


New behavior (complete last take and no split clips):



Option to automatically extend final take when punch recording

When Auto Punch recording, Cakewalk automatically splits all takes at the position where you stop recording. This happens if the transport is stopped before the punch out time.

This behavior may not be desirable in some cases, such as when speed comping, where you want each take to be a complete clip.

To prevent this behavior, Cakewalk now provides an option to extend the final take to the Auto Punch end. Right-click the Record  button image.png to open the Preferences dialog box, then enable Extend Takes to Punch Out Time.

Note: The Extend Takes to Punch Out Time option also requires that Auto Punch is enabled.



Mackie control surface improvements

The Mackie Control surface includes several new enhancements.

New compatibility modes

In addition to the recommended Cakewalk/SONAR mode, the Mackie Control surface now supports two extra emulation modes that can be used if your control surface does not provide a dedicated Cakewalk/SONAR mode:

  • Mackie Control Universal (Universal Mode). Emulates Mackie’s default button layout.
  • Mackie Control Universal (Cubase Mode). Emulates Mackie’s Cubase/Nuendo button layout.

It is important that both Cakewalk and your control surface are configured to use the same mode in order to ensure that buttons on the control surface map to the correct functions in Cakewalk.


Note: If your control surface provides a Cakewalk/SONAR mode, we recommend using this mode to provide maximum compatibility.


Disable Handshake now checked by default

Earlier versions of the Mackie Control protocol required a handshake during the initialization of the control surface. Mackie removed this requirement in later versions.

To reflect this change, the Disable Handshake option is now checked by default to bypass the handshake process.

Note: You may have to uncheck Disable Handshake on older devices when using the Cakewalk/SONAR mode.


Performance enhancement

Routing and track/bus ordering are now cached internally in order to avoid unnecessary repeated calculations during the control surface refresh process. This results in improved UI performance when using a very fast refresh rate.

The cache is reset every time the routing or track ordering changes, and then rebuilt again on the next query from the control surface.


Option to open parent track folder when changing track focus

The Track view Options menu contains a new Expand Track Folder on Track Focus option, which automatically opens the focused track’s parent folder if it’s currently closed. This behavior may be desirable when using control surfaces or changing track focus via the Console view.


Key binding to render Region FX

A new key binding named Render Region FX allows you to render any Region FX for any active Region FX in the current clip selection. You can assign the key binding in Edit > Preferences > Customization - Keyboard Shortcuts (under Area: Global Bindings).


Support for local help

Cakewalk provides optional local help. To enable local help, go to Edit > Preferences > File - Advanced and select Always Use Local Help.

When you enable local help for the first time, Cakewalk presents a toast notification to download and install the local help, and whenever updated local help is available.



If your computer is not connected to the internet, Cakewalk will default to showing local help until an internet connection becomes available.

Note: Offline help is only available in English.

Tip: If you would like to use local help on a computer that is never connected to the internet, first download the local help from another computer that is connected to the internet, then copy the CakewalkHelp_Documentation_1.0.0.n.exe installer (found in \Downloads\Cakewalk) to removable media that you can transfer to your offline Cakewalk computer. Alternatively, copy the installed Cakewalk.chm file from the Cakewalk root folder (default is \Program Files\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core).


In-app update improvements

  • Cakewalk now supports in-app download of optional content that was previously only available from either BandLab Assistant or the Cakewalk Web installer (Studio Instruments Suite, Drum Replacer, Melodyne trial, Theme Editor, and demo projects). To see all available updates, select Help > Check for Updates. If any optional content has not been installed yet, or an update is available, Cakewalk presents a toast notification to download and install the content.
  •  Add file name to the download progress toast notification so users know what is being downloaded.
  • Multiple updates can be queued for download.



Support for ARM64 PCs running Windows 11 for ARM

Cakewalk will now install to ARM64 PCs running Windows 11 for ARM.


Bug fixes

  • Hang when trying to sign in to BandLab
  • Guard against crashes with toast notifications
  • Crash if attempting to export to non-existing drive
  • Prevent Cakewalk from attempting to export directly to a CD/DVD drive
  • Export fails when path does not exist when format is not set to WAV
  • Empty Export Folders not removed on app exit when exporting different file types or source categories
  • Show prompt when export path is invalid
  • Cakewalk External Controller API problem causing Cakewalk GUI to freeze
  • External encoder presets not being picked up / stored properly
  • Flushing during bounce occurs with plugins on buses that are not part of the signal chain
  • Cakewalk should disable the options for Audio to MIDI conversion if Melodyne is not installed
  • Muting Melodyne clip in take lanes causes clip to disappear
  • Export Arranger sections not working properly when project has locked clips
  • Resizing Arranger sections should be able to snap to other sections
  • Committed arrangement off by 1 tick / losing first note
  • Corrupt tempo map when CTRL+drag copy section with only one tempo present
  • Tempo track wiped after drag copy section in user project
  • Incorrect tempo at beginning of committed arrangement in user project
  • WarnSilentBuses config setting should default to off
  • Shelf tool does not work with multiple clips in the same lane
  • Null pointer when trying to drag move range selection
  • Unable to enter "+" character for markers when using non-US keyboard
  • Move To Folder context menu command moves tracks in incorrect order
  • Track Folder echo button status incorrect when active track is an audio track
  • Process > Length crops MIDI stream when < 100% and ignores the duration of Hairpin and Articulation Map events


Latest release notes are here.
See prior release notes.
Check out all new features released to date.


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