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"Secrets (of the songs and dance)"

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On 6/24/2019 at 6:02 PM, bjornpdx said:

Since I don't trust my aging ears any more I won't comment on the mix except to say
it sounds professional quality to me. Listening now thru Sennheiser PXC 550 headphones bluetoothed to my laptop.

I remember the previous version of this song and now you've made it even better.
I like the intro which suggests an aborigines story
Nice change up 3:30 with the chant thing  and the almost heavy metal guitar.

hey bjorn!

appreciate the feedback even if you have old burned out ears!! heheh, mine are the same,

so maybe we hear things the same!

yea, the didgeridoo was a no brainer, thinking about the story line...

heavy metal guitar?! hm, lets listen........................................oh, you mean that little shuffle thing! it's kind of a syncopated rhythm part that wraps around the drum groove...i used a fairly clean crunchy setting on the amp, to get that percussiony pick attack.


22 hours ago, Pcode said:

Good work batsbrew!

thanks Pcode!


18 hours ago, AndyB01 said:

Wow - now that vocal I was not expecting and not sure I have heard synths and guitar fused like this before - 'psychedelic prog' - I agree - absolutely . Loved it!

sometimes, when i do vocals, i don't know what i expect either!!

LOL, sometimes, you just stand and deliver.

i think i had a totally different idea about the vox before i did it, and when i got to the mic, i just couldn't get it out except aggressively.

maybe i thought i was gonna croon it!




15 hours ago, Amicus717 said:

I like this one a lot, Bats. Good mix, great vocals, and I like the mix of instrumentation. Very tight and very polished.



amicus, thanks for listening. i've worked on this for a few years now, off and on, and my perspective of it keeps changing.

i think i've dialed it in enough to release on an album.



14 hours ago, Johnbee58 said:

Goes through a lot of interesting changes.  Interesting sounds, your voice included.  Very progressive.  Nice!

🙂John B

John b, appreciate the feedback.

yea, it kinda comes off as progressive, but really, it's just a 4/4 shuffle, with some weird arrangement tricks going on.


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