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5 minutes ago, fret_man said:

Was gonna go for the Komplete Ultimate CE upgrade to get the Cremona Quartet (not much use for all those synth expansions) but after listening to this comparison all I can say is "No thank you". No CE upgrade for me.

Listening to that comparison, to me, Afflatus sounded the most epic and real - very impressive. YMMV

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On 6/10/2022 at 7:51 AM, MixBuss said:

Hello, yesterday I bought the Komplete 13 upgrade, does this have an expiration date? or can I save it for when Komplete 14 comes out?

Does Komplete 14 have a release date yet? There is probably a grace period, but I have no idea how long it is...

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So, I told them on Fakebook

An EXCLUSIVE offer is one where only YOU offer it,
not every other vendor in the world. 

I also told them,

YOU don't even offer a DISCOUNT at all over what 
every vendor in the world offers, despite calling it an
"Exclusive offer for owners of MPS 5"!

They didn't respond at all, and it's been hours since I wrote that

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