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OC my i7-2600k = preformance gain ??

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Hi there, 
Just wondering if over clocking my i7-2600k  - (32 GB of DDR 3 at 1600)
will give me any noticeable performance gain - i.e. lower latency with no crackles
with projects that are mainly Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 6 and fairly heavy with Spitfire Symphony Orchestra.

Example: 3 instances of Kontakt 5 for SSO.
1 instance of K5 for percussion (old instuments - not very needy )
1 instance of Kontakt 6 running Cremona Quartet.

I'm currently in final mix stage of 3 projects that are using this orchestra layout and SSO is using all 3 mic positions most of the time,
and in the heaviest of the 3 movements I'm running at 1,024 Samples / 23 MS
and usually have to freeze and unfreeze 2 instances of Kontakt, when needing to go back to midi to make changes, to keep things running easily.
So, I'll have usually the K6 instance rendered to audio and 2 K5 instances rendered to audio.
I'm using pro channel EQ and console emulation on all audio tracks and only a few other plugins like 2 reverbs and 2 multi-band compressors.

I generally understand over clocking and the risks and what to watch out for so no need for cautions there.

I guess the question really is,
how much does a higher CPU clock speed contribute to low latency performance in a situation like this?




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Hi Steve,


You can typically push the 2600k to 4.5GHz.

If you're already running it there, you can't push it any further (with rock-solid stability).

Clock-speed will certainly help with low-latency audio performance.

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