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I got asterisked the other day for a phrase that means "a long time". I actually had to sit and think about why it was censored for a few minutes before I got it. The thought of what they thought I meant never entered my mind until they made me think of it. *shaking my head back and forth real fast blubbering my lips*

I have lived in the midwest and south for a very long time. I take offense to the fact that they think the dialect that everybody uses out here is offensive. But being from New Jersey originally, we have a bit thicker skin than most, so it is what it is. Not sure if you noticed someone famous who a lot of us really admired a couple years ago and how brash he was. That's the norm out there on our East coast and I can totally understand how it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. But to me ... it just rolled right off my back.

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26 minutes ago, Shane_B. said:

I think the guy who does that is on vacation. I expect a coffee house cleaning shortly . . . (a lot of freds are gonna vaneesh)

In that case.......



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On 5/12/2022 at 2:49 PM, Shane_B. said:

I take offense

I rarely take offense about anything anymore, I've worked with teenagers for way to many years.  It's not worth the angst to be offended, especially in today's snarky outdo the next troll, bot, world.

I will defend myself though, just not over words, ideologies, opinions, or creeds. 

But I get what your saying.  In communication there's the transmitter and the receiver, each one has there own ability to gjukh

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