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Audio Assault - Happy 5 de Mayo! $5.99 Everything except for Reamp which is $15.99!

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3 minutes ago, filo said:

Did you also tried their new Shibalba amp?  This is  the first one from AA where IMHO the touch response and "playing feel" are similar to e.g. Brainworx amps (Friedmans or Suhrs). I'm driving Shibalba's lead channel with NA Clon Minotaur and using York Audio ORNG  IR.  Very nice result so I'm looking forward to see $10 price tag in the near future. That's my Audio Assault hunt territory :)

Yes, that is one that I picked up for $6 during the sale.  It is basically the only stand alone amp option they have that I thought I could get a usable clean/low gain tone out of.    

It took some work to get the fizziness out of the top end on many of the settings (I used some external plugins in some cases) but certainly among the best they have to offer from what I could tell and felt it was worth the $6 to play around with.  I did some A/B testing with brainworx amps during the decision making process.  I would have passed at $15, for for $6 - sure why not?

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