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Picked up ReVoice Pro 4



It’s never been a better time to get great sounding vocals with the VocAlign Ultra and Revoice Pro 4 sale now on! If you’re still correcting timing, pitch and backing vocals by hand, now is your chance to speed up your workflow and get a more professionally-sounding mix. Hurry, this offer is for a limited time only!

It’s every pros secret weapon. Question is, which one do you need? We explain in our latest blog post 👇

VocAlign Ultra or Revoice Pro?


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I would have picked up Revoice Pro, but I believe the only two methods of licensing available for it are ilock dongle or ilock cloud…neither of which float my boat. Why they can’t also offer ilock machine-based licensing is beyond me, as they do so for Vocalign Ultra. Sonnox does this same thing- offering machine based licensing on some of its plugins, but not all. Perplexing.

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