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Free Vital 1.5.1 early access update available to Pro users

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Check your Vital Audio account for the new download. Click on "All downloads" to view the link. :)

Vital - 1.5.1 (Early access)

  • Undo / Redo
  • Added new spectral warp modes - custom filter, custom flanger, custom phaser
  • Added seed option to random amplitude spectral warp
  • Added way to set a default preset
  • Runs natively on Apple silicon
  • Added ASIO support to standalone
  • Added normalize and DC offset options to the wavetable editor
  • Added subharmonic unison mode
  • Added MIDI learn assignment indicator
  • Sped up plugin creation
  • Optimized CPU usage for sample rates above 48kHz
  • Faster window opening / closing
  • Faster browser searching
  • Faster window resizing
  • Graphics - New skin editor
  • Graphics - bloom + blur
  • Graphics - design improvements
  • Graphics - switched from OpenGL to DirectX11 on Windows
  • Graphics - switched from OpenGL to Metal on MacOS
  • Retains browser state after closing and reopening plugin window
  • Fixed slow grpahics for the VST3 version in Cubase on MacOS
  • Fixed graphics offset in some DAW / monitor DPI combinations on Windows
  • Fixed oscilloscope phase alignment when notes are played with sample offset
  • Fixed logging in from app in some countries
  • Fixed plugin startup issues with some internet connections
  • Fixed staying logged in on non-Debian Linux distros
  • Fixed staying logged in for some DAWs
  • Fixed crash in Linux on fast window opening/closing
  • Fixed crash when downloading packs with some internet connections
  • Fixed effect modulation jumping after the last note ends
  • Fixed some effects sounding different under various sample rates
  • Fixed 2x octave unison mode
  • Fixed some computer keyboard mapping to midi notes
  • Removed some dependencies on Linux to increase compatibility
  • Dropped LV2 support on Linux
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I would love to try out MPE, but my bank account keeps saying "Hell no". 🤣

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