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Dirk's Birthday - 2 Plugins for $49.99

Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann

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8 hours ago, Quick Math said:

I was thinking about grabbing MC76 and DSM and wasn't that interested in newer and expensive tiers, but at this price, I might want plugins that usually don't go to $39 or lower.

Do you guys have any favorite plungs you actually use?

I probably don't need Lindell's API because I already have waves API and acustica  Pink

Of course this is dependent on similar things you might have but the ones that are a bit more expensive most of the time that I use in just about every project (that are not in the excluded list - as many of those are actually core to what I use)

Amek EQ200.  (a bit heavy on the CPU but love the layout and features)

SPL Iron (but for buss/mastering compressors there are lots of great options on the market and some do hit cheaper price points)

V76U73 (again a bit CPU hungry though)


Bx Refinement (while this kind of thing can be done with other plugins, there is something nice about how quickly you can get rid of problems with this on, though I wish the range it looks for and reduces was adjustable).  This one recently did hit a lower tier but before that usually was in the $40 range

Bx True Peak - I like the interface, but there are arguably better sounding True Peak limiters on the market


Train II if you are a guitar player.



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