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John Bradley

track color follow output

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It'd be nice (and presumably trivial) if the  color picker that pops up when you click the tiny little rectangle at the bottom of the console strip (or at the left edge of the track view) had a choice that said "follow output" rather than "follow bus".

I typically do guitar parts in pairs, panned hard left/hard right. These two tracks have their outputs sent to a 'submix' Aux track so I can do volume automation on the pair in a single place, common FX, etc. The Aux goes to its own bus on the console. (I prefer not to do volume automation on the buses for various reasons.)

Anyway, the Aux track can be easily set to have it's color "follow bus". The individual guitar tracks have to be set manually. I'd like them to be set to automatically follow the color of whatever they're output is set to, be it a bus or an aux track.

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