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Waves SSL 4000 Collection for $79


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WAVES has a very smart marketing department. Received a notice of the ssl 4000 collection sale a day after my waves coupon from the waves update plan expired.

The coupon would have taken another $18.00 off of the $71.27 price bringing it down to $53.27. 😒

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17 minutes ago, cclarry said:

They must have changed that, because it wouldn't let you use it on upgrades before

It said that cart has to be over 50$ for YNY23 code to work. My upgrade price was less than that.

Recently bought CR8 at less than 9$ without registering it. Bought Clarity VX and registered both this weekend, getting 2 free plugins, so I chose one of the SSL plugins.

Ended up upgrading with Koby for around 30$ for the remaining 3 SSL plugins I was missing.

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