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UVI - Soul Drums - Intro Price

Scott H

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6 hours ago, cclarry said:

I could use my $100 voucher on this...but I've got more drums than Carter's has Liver Pills

me too!! but i am a drum addict!!


I gotta say, this is an interesting move by UVI into the drum space. and then you have Arturai moving into the modern hybrid instrument space. its as if all these companies have saturated their own market and are moving into other peoples markets. good for consumer. more competition. lower prices.

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58 minutes ago, telecode 101 said:

what are liver pills? dont tell me this is what i have to look forward to soon.  i am already doing *****ing bi-flex pills every day to keep the elbows working.

A company by the name of "Carter's" sold these little tin cylinders that contained these little tiny pills for your liver...
they are actually a laxative.

More info here

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