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Ugritone Heavy Metal Creator's Pack

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Arena Rock Drums

Assault Drums

Dieswitch Drums

KVLT Drums


Northern Artillery Drums

OSDM Drums

Punk N Grind Drums

RIOT Drums

RIOT Drums 2

Speed Metal Drums

Vintage Doom Drums


Beatdown Hardcore MIDI Pack

Black Metal Anthology MIDI Pack

Black Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

Crust Punk Essentials MIDI Pack

Death Metal Anthology MIDI Pack

Death Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

Deathcore Essentials MIDI Pack

Djentastic Drum MIDI Pack

Doom Metal Anthology MIDI Pack

Doom Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

Emocore Essentials MIDI Pack

Folk Metal Essentials MIDI

Grindcore Essentials MIDI Pack

Grunge Rock Essentials MIDI Pack

HC Essentials MIDI Pack

Heartland Rock Essentials MIDI Pack

Industrial Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

Melodeath Essentials MIDI Pack

Melodic Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

Metalcore Essentials MIDI Pack

Nu Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

NWOBHM Essentials MIDI Pack

Post Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

Power Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

Progressive Death Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

Rock Anthology MIDI Pack

Skate Punk Essentials MIDI Pack

Slam Death Metal MIDI Pack

Street Punk Essentials MIDI Pack

Thrash Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

Youth Crew Hardcore MIDI Pack


70's UK Hard Rock - Impulse Response Pack

70's USA Hard Rock - Impulse Response Pack

Big Rock - Impulse Response Pack

Crossover Thrash - Impulse Response Pack

DoomBazz - Impulse Response Pack

FinnAxe - Impulse Response Pack

FinnBazz - Impulse Response Pack

Grunge Rock - Impulse Response Pack

Hair Metal - Impulse Response Pack

Hardcore - Impulse Response Pack

MiniFuzz - Impulse Response Pack

Modern Metal - Impulse Response Pack

NWOBHM - Impulse Response Pack

Old School Black Metal - Impulse Response Pack

SweDeath Metal - Impulse Response Pack

Texas Metal - Impulse Response Pack

TRVE Cab - Impulse Response Loader

USA Death Metal - Impulse Response Pack

USA Thrash Metal - Impulse Response Pack


1989Verb - 80's Digital Reverb VST Plugin

Dazuul - De-Esser plugin


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According to their website, this is a subscription


For $97 / Year.  It's a no-brainer. Best bang for the buck for all your Metal writing needs.

I suppose some of the products are yours to keep (like MIDIs), but others may come in proprietary formats that would require a subscription-based plugin. I've never bought anything from these people, so 🤷‍♂️

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