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Fart Man Sound Effects by RDGAudio


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$9.99! Don 't let this one pass!



Fart man is a funny yet essential sound effects plugins for mac and pc. it has been designed for Comedy and cartoon shows. Over 1200 different fart sounds.


Over 1200 Sounds.

250 articulations.

Different styles (Slow, Pop, Medium, Noisy, Buzzy).

Velocity sensitive.

Generator and Effects Tab.

Perfect for Comedy shows and cartoon commercials.


Recommended Graphics Card 1 or 2 GB.

RAM 4 GB (8 GB recommended).

Intel CPU (Mac and PC).

VST3, AU Format Supported DAW.

Windows 8,10 (64-bit).

Tested on Mojave, Catalina, BigSur OS X.


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16 minutes ago, Scott H said:

It's curious that the marketing video doesn't play even a single fart. I need to know that these are high quality farts before I throw down my hard earned cash!

I think he has a good point. I've heard plenty of fake farts that sound fake like someone blowing their mouth on their arm.. We need real fart sounds.

I'm sure a few here can pull it off convincingly.

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How do you go about finding the talent to perform for this session and what happens to the studio after you've completed that session?  I mean, not everyone is capable of producing this kind of performance on demand. 

So many questions... 

Also, some quick adlib bad puns to add to the mix (I thought I was better than this, but apparently, I'm not):

This one doesn't pass the smell test. 

If one of the "artists" who was recorded has perfect pitch -- in this respect -- I'm imagining that it's better to leave that off the resume? 


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