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Synthmaster & Synthmaster One Expansion Bundles


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Or you could upgrade to the Everything Bundle from SynthMaster 2 for $139, or from SynthMaster One for $149. 

Everything literally gets you everything: both synths, all expansions, any new expansions that are released, plus a free upgrade to SynthMaster 3 when it is released. Just something to consider... :)


You can probably find these Everything upgrades at JRRshop for slightly cheaper.

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Voucher codes for expansions have been on sale at KVR for a while, at rock-bottom prices. For anybody thinking about jumping into this deal you may want to check those options too (note: you won't get the SM 2.9 -> SM 3,0, and you won't get any new expansions - as you would with an everything bundle, don't forget to take that into account when comparing)

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