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Reaper gotta have

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Reaper adds the most invaluable new Track type, Cakewalk has some catching up to do 🤣

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Posted (edited)

Reaper updated to 6.53!

REAPER 6.53: Banjo Telemark

Changelog items below may include • links to more information.

Media explorer

add themeable colors for media explorer grid/markers, pitch detection text

make toolbar keyboard accessible (tab to toolbar, left/right/space)

use media item background color for preview peaks background

prevent crash when previewing .rpp without proxy built (6.52 regression)


fix freezing multiple tracks with non-overlapping media items and certain render preferences •

when unfreezing an edited track, prompt user whether they would like to transform the frozen items


improve command shortcut display when the same menu item exists in multiple places •

improve keyboard focus behavior when focused window is disabled

improve return-key behavior for plug-in text entry fields

MIDI inline editor

add missing actions to action list •

fix marquee drawing bugs when mapped to left-drag


fix building of peaks for section/reversed items (6.52 regression) •

fix spectrogram calculation errors (6.52 regression) •

improve quality of zoomed-out spectrogram display

Actions window

improve warning messages when a key is mapped to an action that no longer exists

Batch converter

fix reading output file format when running from command line •

Envelope window

make checkbox controls keyboard accessible


support embedding images in ogg, opus files when rendering or converting

Metronome settings

improve accessibility of hardware outputs button

MIDI editor

fix behavior when drawing notes and humanize window is open •


add Main_SaveProjectEx, to save project or track template with a specific filename and options •


account for channel mapping when running action to set input names/colors from sending tracks •


improve behavior of note-ons sent during count-in (6.48 behavior restored) •


do not show project notes when rendering a project proxy

Tempo markers

respect mouse modifier when set to "no action" •


FX_SetParam/FX_SetParamNormalized do not send notification

Edited by cclarry

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34 minutes ago, Kurre said:

I've already installed a slew of these in all my projects. Works a treat. Now I just sit back and....


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I think I'll have to change over to Reaper now as this  an awesome feature ;) 


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I guess we should be happy CbB doesn't do April Fools jokes!

They would pull my chain about the new redesigned Staff view and also an integrated Spectral analyzer that automatically will display the visual color patterns as perfectly aligned print ready staff view masterpiece!  

Hey wait a minute, those seem like perfectly valid feature requests :D

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