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Question-Audio system Windows 11 users

John Vere

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I cannot install W11 on any of my computers so I cannot help troubleshoot audio issues for people who do. 

Lately there's been questions about not being able to share audio with Cakewalk open. In W10 there's a setting that solves this issue for most. See picture. Does this setting still exsist in W11?  On W10 it's found System/Sound/Device Proerties/ Additional Device properties/Advanced tab. 178416591_Screenshot(365)_LI.jpg.155e41da6ad43b453a91798d67900e44.jpg

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If checked, what I've found is that (it appears) Windows will attempt to take control of the interface even if nothing appears to be asking for control and causes glitches and noise spikes. I never got the impression Cakewalk would get exclusive control. It's like it works backwards from what I expect.

Maybe the developers can shed some light on this.

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It’s all depending on your interface drivers. 
I have a few different interfaces and each one will behave differently regarding audio sharing between apps. 
I never have issues other than a sample rate Pop with Focusrite and Tascam ASIO drivers.  Nothing crashes or goes weird. 

But my Motu M4 has trouble and the worst of it is distorted audio for new recordings. I have to completely re boot to carry on. If it didn’t have the loop back feature I needed for screen capture, it would be tossed by now. 

I get best audio sharing results buy keeping that exclusive mode button unchecked in Windows sound settings. I just wanted confirmation that it still exists. 

My Audio set up video has over 1.3K views and it’s based on W10. If W11 totally changed the settings I would need to place a warning in the description. 


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After major updates and especially an upgrade from w10 to w11, i always re-install my audio device drivers. Couple of clicks, couple of minutes of time……. And peace of mind.

Focusrite (desktop)  and Soundcraft (laptop) drivers are rock solid.


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