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all the midi information from all the different tracks in the project gets recorded when tryin to record a new track

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when I record any midi track, all the other midi tracks that I recorded on different instruments prior to the current recording are recorded to the midi track as well.

I tried messing with the record settings  and changing the type of recording and  also tried messing with the channels but didn't succeed.

 help will be appreciated, thanks

btw sorry for the bad English😅 I recorded a video that I hope will explain the problem better.

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Posted (edited)

1- You have Midi output enabled in the Soft Synth.

2. You have all inputs selected instead of just your keyboard controller. 

3. You have MIDI output selected in Midi Preferences which you do not need unless you are using Midi hardware for sounds. 

These 3 things can cause a Midi loopback. 

By the way, you should download and use OBS for screen captures. It's Free. https://obsproject.com/

For still pictures just use Windows key/PRT SCRN it will save it to your pictures folder. 

Also there is LICECap to make a GIF capture,. Your video was blurry so not much help. 

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