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Update automation system

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i think its feature request(not a bug)

In multichannel vst like kontakt or omnisphere

The automation of all channels is done through channel one, and if someone wants to automate the parameter 

for ex. that is for channel 5 through the same channel 5, this is not possible.

It has to go to channel 1 and automate the

parameter related to channel 5, which of course is not easy to find channel 1 if there are a lot of tracks in the project ... but if the automation control of each channel is done through the same channel  It will save a lot of time ...

This is a feature that is available in Studio One and I will send a short clip of it

Of course, I mentioned this about 2 years ago    But I have not seen any change so far

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Yes, currently for VSTi parameters, you're limited to having them on the one designated track for that synth.  Given the current way this is implemented in the code, it's going to be tricky to change this - not impossible, but a lot of work for something that is no more than an inconvenience (and it's not my call for whether it gets implemented or not).

Most VSTi's however, allow you to map these parameters to MIDI CC's, so you can then use MIDI automation on each separate track.

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