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Acustica New Week - New Deals!


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New week, new deals %%%

Taupe → €89 (€249) - Save 64% on the king of sample-based analog tape plugins.

Crimson → €59 (€129) save 54%! For saturation and distortion duties, the indomitable beast.

Amethyst4 → €59 (€149) save 60%! British console sound from the late 70s.

*Promo ends on Sunday, April 3rd, 2022, at 11:59 PM (CEST).


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1 hour ago, kevin H said:

Euro to dollar is almost one to one which helps makes these deals even better

For the people in the US, it's one of the greatest time.

The currency here has gotten cheap as heck and it is the worst time ever in the last decade to buy plugins now...

Back then everything was 30% off compared to the price now...


Well, I have amethyst and the sound of preamp is super sweet...

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I have Crimson and really like it.  Getting Amethyst on my way to world domination....  um I mean owning all the Acustica stuff. 


Don't forget they send discount codes if you buy but you have to be logged in to use them.   I'm at 35% now on top of the sales price.  Great deal!

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