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Producerplanet Hip Hop soundpools 50% off sale

Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann

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Producerplanet has a 50% off sale on Hip Hop soundpools


The interesting twist is that $10 vouchers are on sale from Humblebundle, in the $1 tier for this bundle:

https://www.humblebundle.com/software/your-ticket-to-a-new-creative-universe-software (note: the countdown yesterday showed it as ending today, but right now it's showing 14 days left, maybe it got extended?)

In the end, for $1 you can get either

a) The Commercial version of any of the smaller Hip Hop soundpools (smaller = showing as $9.99$4.99 in the sale page linked above)

b) The Non-commercial version of any of the larger Hip Hop soundpools (larger = showing as $19.99$9.99 in the sale page linked above)

Note: If interested in more than 1 soundpool, you can purchase up to 3 bundles with each payment method (paypal, amazon, etc) before humble starts rejecting transactions. The limit gets reset after a week. In some cases you can "push the limit" and get transactions approved after entering an identity confirmation, but I recommend waiting for the reset instead of pushing the limit (if you push too much you can end up limited for an extended period of time and including other bundles. I'm talking from experience...)

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