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Audio track with reverb where the reverb itself is sidechained


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One thing keeps eluding me. If i want to have a track (audio, vocals) where the vocals themselves should be unaltered, but at the same time having a reverb on said track where the reverb itself is fed into a sidechain (for that sea-sick/wobbly feel), what would be the best way to achieve this using CbB?


In my case i use the Lexicon Panteon (from my 8.5 days) + the "KickStart" VST.


edit. found it. Cant remove this topic so here is (i believe) the answer to my own question:


right-click on said audio track, insert "send" to a new bus. On this new bus, put the reverb and the kickstart on it and adjust the send level from the audio-track "send" part.

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