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PluginGuru Intro Offer on new library Renegade until 1st April

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From PG Email...

Say HELLO!! to Modern Cinema - Renegade for Unify! Create by PlugInGuru family member Bob Dedes (he's written demo songs for libraries I've released starting in 2005 with MegaMagic: Dreams!) Bob has created a Power Packed High Energy 82 Patch + Sample library that is actually 6 different libraries in one:

1 - Cinematic Percussion - huge impacts, toms, hand claps, body slams and more!

2 - Sound Design - Sub and Organic Hits, sweeps, swooshes - awesome for all genres of music production.

3 & 4 - Ear Candy - Stings, vocal chops, stabs, brass hits PLUS lots of other cool elements to add to a track.

5 - Music Instruments - Synth & Electric Bass, Insane and fun to play Electric Guitars, Synths and Vocals.

NOTE: ALL of the Hits, Percussion Instruments and Instruments contain between 4 - 8 round robin samples for incredible depth and realism. 1 Guitar alone has 5 velocity layers of 8 round robin samples - over 1,600 samples for 1 the IBZ Cruncher (HI MEM) Patch! This 1 guitar has 5-velocity layers and 8 samples per note with every note sampled for 3 1/2 octaves! They sound so good!

6) A 650MB WAV Library of all the above PLUS additional hits, fx as well as percussion and guitar loops - PLUS all 12 demo songs Bob wrote are available as separated tracks for you to be able to study what he did. Get ideas of ways to spice up your productions from these, then fire up Unify, load up the sounds he used and write that hit track! This BONUS should be a separate purchase but we're including it because it is SO HELPFUL for everybody!
Over 8,000 Samples, 12GB in size, this is a library like NOTHING
we've ever released before!

Retail is $89 but intro offer is $69


There's also a walkthrough video of it here...


Saturday Livestream Agenda:

We will definitely play with Modern Cinema - Renegade but maybe more exciting is we will interview Bob Dedes about the building of this library! There is also a new synth by Cherry Audio. We will play with that too!
Join us Saturday at 12pm PDT

Livestream Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFO1D5pUFJ0


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So far I've been able to resist. I know 12gb is supposed to be a good thing, but it makes me think twice. That all said, John will probably talk me into it today. 😖 It's silly, but my favorite thing about this is the stadium vocal lol

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