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Bandlab main site suggestion.

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Not sure if it is the right place, but since Cakewalk is getting integrated with Bandlab's main music site I would like to make a suggestion... or observation.

Seems to me the main music site is a bit of Wild West now.  There almost no complaints of design or features, but.... I feel like many people who post there taking it for granted. There is a bit of chaos as far as the quality of uploaded tracks and content.  I am a hobbyist myself, not a professional in any way, and I do get it when people have passion but not the skills, but this is something else.

When people just record some drunk party laughing on their phone  and post it as a "track" ,  I just do not have time for this. Or when one tries to inject same song 20 times  just to get "hits" - no respect for this.  Or rap boys/girls trying to stick their "hot" songs with language that can give a heart attacks to elderly into categories which are completely not related to the genre...that also turns my attention away from the site.  There is nothing wrong with Hip Hop / Rap, but it got to be in the proper section, so as some of other, deliberately misplaced genres,  unless listener "prefers" shuffle.

Good songs, that people put heart and soul into just get lost. Sometimes I would have to listen to 20 songs just to reach the tune that someone put some thought into. By the way, I am a diverse listener.  I can listen  to anything from Classical to Rap to Jazz to Folk if it is interesting regardless if it was made in 500k studio or recorded with phone by the camp fire.

Moderated or not, I think it would be wise to take some control over some matters to bring more listeners and talented musicians, who I think might be staying shy for the reasons stated above.

I am not a specialist in these matters, but one suggestion might be to expand "Showcase".  For example if performer gets 10-25 likes for composition, it gets moved to a showcase.

Sort of:  Workshop----->Showcase------>Stars     structure.   







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