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Fix forum. I can't get past the no "Edit>Delete" option for comments. Has to be a joke, right?

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Also, no "cancel" option when you start a reply, lmao!  Not to mention the "Fluid" forum layout says 'simpler' which it's totally not, XD!!!   Are the guys making the decisions on the coding side of this forum high? (fell out of chair laughing, xo)  I bet they are, you lucky ducks.  Just copy-paste Reddit's forum layout, it works perfectly.  Feedback Vindaloop over.  


Edit:  As for the Software, the freaking "left click locks scroll" set to default....  Who did that?  Give that man a raise and a promotion; experimental failure is value, but change that to off by default, lol.   Middle click and drag to pan view in track view and PRV as an option would be good, haven't found that yet if it's there.  Vindaloop opened and reclosed.

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