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Sometimes Clip Gain automation is ignored when exporting audio.  For me, some clips with a gain envelope are handled just fine when exporting audio, others have their gain envelope ignored.  See two attached screen shots. 


The Clip Inspector Properties shows Automation Read IS CHECKED (i.e., ON).

There are NO REGION FX.   In fact, no FX whatsoever. 

There are NO sends to any buses. 

If I move this clip to any other timeline position, the Clip Gain is no longer ignored when exporting the audio, OR a different problem occurs:  The Clip Gain is treated as -INF (negative infinity) for the beginning of the clip up to the point where the envelope rises for the first time.

If I insert another blank audio track anywhere, the Clip Gain is no longer ignored when exporting the audio (on the first try).  Then after saving the .CWP file, the Clip Gain is again immediately ignored when exporting audio. 

THIS PROBLEM is EXTREMELY HARD to discover when you have many tracks and many clips.  How do you know which Clip Gain envelopes are being ignored during export and which ones are not?

I have done extensive testing and discovered that if I “Flatten Comp” for all tracks that use Clip Gain, then the export seems to include Clip Gain automation adjustments.  For now, anyway ...   until it doesn't ...

Clip Gain Error CW Screenshot.jpg

Exported Clip NO Gain Envelope.jpg

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Better screen shot

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I don't know why it would be ignoring the clip automation but here are a couple of questions and things to check.

- How are you exporting the audio? Make sure that your export options include the appropriate automation.

- Make sure that if this clip(s) are in a track with multiple takes that you have bounced the comped track, or as you mention, Flatten comp.

- Use track automation instead of clip automation.

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