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Producerplanet Soundpool bundle - Bestseller

Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann

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The Besteller Bundle is available for a limited time and includes a selection of popular Soundpools  for $39.99 (or $19.99 for non-commercial license), 90% off from regular price


The list of soundpools is not specified, but looking at the demo songs and the picture, it seems to include the following

Blues Rock
Gods of EDM (part 2)
Uptown! (complete bundle)
Astral Injection
Future Instrumentals (part 2)
Big Room Mastercuts
Boom (looks like the complete bundle is included)
New World
Dame Candela (complete bundle)
Full On Psytrance

For Boom, Big Room Mastercuts, Future Instrumentals and Gods of EDM it is unclear if the complete bundle is included or it is only one part

There are 1739 unique loops (9337 loops after accounting for pitch and major/minor variations). Disk requirements are 14.25GB for the compressed version (ogg)

Producerplanet has regular sales for 30~50% off and occasional sales for 75% off (weekend wannabee, advent calendar) so, 90% off can be a pretty nice deal if you are interested in soundpools, don't already have these (my case, I already have 8 of them, otherwise I'd have jumped in...), and if you still have around a $20 voucher (fanatical, humblebundle, musicmaker, etc.) Note that vouchers from the current humblebundle cannot be applied because they can only be used for Hiphop, Soul/R&B or Funk soundpools

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