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Kontakt best practices

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I use kontakt and halion 6 instruments. Right now, I use one instance per instrument.

I watched a video by kelooh where he sets up track templates with kontakt instruments in groups, strings, cellos... each with one instrument and up to 16 slots of varieties or articulations.

I know some of you use massive libraries. My projects are modest, but as they grow, I can see I need to have a handle on managing all this efficiently.

Which of these approaches is most efficient, from a memory and processor standpoint? Thanks!

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A single instance of Kontakt is more efficient with memory / CPU... that is if you enable multi-processor support within Kontakt.


That being said, a single instance per track of Kontakt can be more convenient if you want to freeze individual parts.  Having one instance of Kontakt basically means you're freezing all of the tracks feeding that instance, or none.

Also, some systems may have issues with enabling multiprocessor support in Kontakt - although I've had zero issues with CbB personally (all are Intel CPUs).  If you do see issues, then separate instances is definitely the way to go, as CbB will distribute the VSTi's across the CPU cores.

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