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Cole Dunlay

No Audio Devices - Can't get sound

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I'm trying to get Cakewalk setup and running.  When I launch it, I get the following message:

                "There are no audio devices for the current driver model on your system.  Please go to

                   Edit|Preferences|Audio|Playback and Recording and choose a different driver model."

I've done this and no audio devices appear (Input or Output).   I do have a sound card and other sound plays.

I also get the following message:


                      Silent Buses Detected

                      The following tracks and buses are currently assigned to a silent hardware output.  The items listed below

                      will be silent in your project until their outputs are reassigned to an appropriate hardware output.


I've re-installed the RealTek HD Audio Manager..  I followed the YouTube Channel "Creative Sauce" for the setup of

CakeWalk.  I'm Running Windows 10, 64 bit.  Any ideas what I can do to get CakeWalk working?  I'm not a pro, just 

looking to have some fun making music.  

Thank you for any help you can offer.

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Sounds like the Realtek drivers you have do not have ASIO drivers (what Cakewalk deafults to, and looking for).

Best to have a "real" recording interface as the PC sound is not very good for recording work.   Latency is one problem.  Another is no standard mic or instrument inputs and support.

A USB recording interface unit, even an inexpensive  model, will have better latency, have both a mic and/or instrument input, and a headphone jack.


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  I found out that to use the ASIO driver you have to have an audio interface.  I was using the sound card and that's why it didn't work.  I stumbled across a video that said to use the WASAPI Shared driver if you're using the sound card.  I did this and it did work.

  Ultimately, I decided to get an audio interface.  I got the FocusRite 2I2 and I'm using that now.

  Thank you, everyone for your help.



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