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Izotope Music Production Suite Meets Komplete Offers


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12 hours ago, Paul Young said:

As for upgrading to MP 4.1 I dislike the Expo...Verbs because the licensing is a total 180 from Izotope products. 

I got a 2nd license for Nimbus and R4 when I upgraded. So I'm fine with 2 licenses (even though they are iLok).

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18 hours ago, Craig N said:

I think it's likely to be a reciprocal offer on Native Instruments site that mirrors this one

The joint sale is up at NI


Go to "my Komplete offers" for upg pricing. Here is the full price and the upg that is showing for  me (from Komplete 12)

  • KOMPLETE 13 + MUSIC PRODUCTION SUITE 4.1 $699.00 ($399 upg)
  • KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE + MUSIC PRODUCTION SUITE 4.1 $1,299.00 ($499 upg)

The offers with K13U CE seem to be available only through NI, the ones with iZotope Everything Bundle only trough iZotope (or resellers)

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Well that happened quickly! I noticed how it looks like it's priced in such a way that MPS is included for free and thought I'd have to eat humble pie, but then I checked and saw the upgrade is $200 more than its been at its lowest during the summer sale. $299 is my upgrade price so this is a discount but not free. Will I be right about Izotope upgrades being around the corner? 


More importantly... How much will they charge Everything Bundle customers to upgrade... 

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My upgrade to MPS is 299 not 199
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16 hours ago, paulo said:

It never ceases to amaze me that Izotope who do so many things so well are also so astonishingly bad at considering what products their customers already have when they put together their so called "loyalty offers".

Currently among mine is Ozone 9 Standard "upgrade" for only $149. I already have O9 Advanced.

Or if for some strange reason I don't fancy buying a lesser version of something that I already have I could always go for Neoverb at only twice the price I could buy it elsewhere even if I'd never bought an Izotope product ever.

How does whoever is in charge of that still have a job ?



Former IK employee?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Got this in this afternoon's e-mail, don't know if it is anything new, or a deal for those who have NI K but no MPS:

ADD IZOTOPE TOOLS TO YOUR STUDIO Even if you already have all the KOMPLETE instruments and effects you need, we’d like to give you an exclusive discount on iZotope’s Music Production Suite 4.1. Get a host of creative tools including Ozone 9, Nectar 3, And RX 9, and save 80%. Offer ends March 22.



This update only works for users of KOMPLETE 2-13, KOMPLETE 8-13 ULTIMATE, KOMPLETE 12+13 ULTIMATE Collector’s Edition.

You won't be able to install and activate this version unless you own one of the required products listed above!


Was there a "better" deal for the "Everything Bundle"?

Given all the recent (BF/CM) sales, I think that about $215 was the best price for MPS "upgrade" for those with Izotope freebies.

Seems like this "version" (tied to NI K?) might be harder to resell in the future, if necessary?

Speculation about K14 and Izotope?

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