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u-he Hive 2.0

Hidden Symmetry

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New features & improvements

    378 new presets
    more wavetables
    NKS-ready (Previews available as separate download)
    New GUI
    Shape Sequencer
    Function Generators
    Key Quantizer (play custom scales)
    XY section expanded
    New mod matrix modifier: Sample & Hold
    More quantization options in mod matrix
    New Seq Mod modulation source
    Mod Assigners for visual feedback of assigned modulations
    Modulation overview/unassignment via right-click on parameters
    Newly added presets now easily findable through saved search entry


    Unwanted clicks on note attacks
    Compressor parameters smoothed to avoid zipper noise
    Selecting init preset does not switch folder selection anymore
    Modulating clock swing could cause unexpected results
    Clock swing could delay the first note
    Strict host sync could cause too early or cut off notes
    Rare crash when trying to reopen a host project fixed
    Improved mouse drag sensitivity for Ctrl A/B selection on MIDI table page
    Sustain pedal now working according to standard (0-63 = off, 64-127 = on)
    Improved sustain pedal behaviour when playing same note repeatedly
    VST3 was reporting only one MIDI channel to the host
    Ctrl A/B now working correctly in VST3 version
    MIDI learn now working in VST3

Price: 149€
Upgrade from Hive 1.x: 20€, or free if bought within grace period (after Jan 20th 2019)



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