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Mark Mitchell

EastWest - Opus Library vs Play Library

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Today - there was a youtube video suggestion of EastWest Silk library using the Opus Player - that I paid a subscription for recently - (it was on sale).

Now I have been a long time EastWest user - 2009 I believe is when I purchased a good number of plugins that used the Play plugin.

I rebuilt my music computer and got a new sound card in June of 2021 - and had to get an Older version of play - to work with what I had already licensed.

I had Silk plugin from that time frame - and so I loaded Silk with the Opus plugin - I could play the instrument and record the midi - however nothing on playback.

I could see the keys move - the midi was registering - but no sound - I toggled things that might be the issue.  Then I searched over some of the discussions here on the forum - and my impression is that  I can record and play the new Opus Downloaded libraries - only with Opus - if they were licensed before the subscription model - then I have to use the Play plugin. 

It is probably  going to have me not continue with the subscription.. They will have to add a lot of value for the libraries that I did not have - for me to even consider their normal fee.


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