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Waves Soundgrid Impact Server with Cakewalk

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Hey guys,

I would be interested to know if any of you are using the Waves Soundgrid system with Cakewalk or Sonar and if so, any issues setting it up and do you like it?



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I’ve had a Soundgrid system for 6 years or so. No problem with Cakewalk or Sonar beforehand. 

I have an IOS server/Interface and an IOX for additional routing and IO. 

I’ve had health issues that have hampered me the last couple of years so haven’t done a great deal but I’ve used multiple DAWS without any real problems. 

There’s a learning curve with the initial setup and how you use the whole Soundgrid system with a DAW but once you’ve mastered it alls good. 

I’ll probably need a refresher when I get back to it. 

I also run a Raven touch screen to give me full control but I use that more with Cubase as there’s a dedicated overlay for it whereas, because Cakewalk is touch enabled out of the box Steven Slate didn’t ever make a specific Cakewalk overlay. 

it’s really a whole other subject and it makes my setup a bit of a monster to run. With constant health issues it’s been a bit hard to get into a rhythm and establish a smooth workflow.  

And yes I like it. I find Waves are generally very responsive to questions and the software has been very stable ie the Soundgrid driver (which is just updated to V 13) along with the rest of the software. I’m a big Waves fan and have all their plugins.
In more than 35 years I’ve tried RME hardware, Presonus, Mackie, MOTU, AVID and heaps of other hardware and when the WavesSoundgrid stuff came out I Jumped from RME and never looked back. The preamps are excellent, the driver is really stable  and latency has become a thing of the past.  I’ll be interested to try out the new driver. 
Anyways I’ve rambled on a bit. Let me know how you go. 

Edited by Michael Vogel (MUDGEL)

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