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VSL/ VE PRO update 7.0.834

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VSL/ VE PRO 7.0.834

May 23, 2019
VE PRO 7.0.834
• Fixed: Potential hangs/crashes when performing a bounce/mixdown
• Fixed: Audio/Event Input plug-in not showing name of unpreserved instances
• Fixed: Automation pane only showing up on main screen
• Fixed: Mixer strip input plug-in widget not showing after a hide/show of the input section
• Fixed: Certain server keyboard commands not working when instance is connected.
• Improved: Automatable parameter value text input/output
• Fixed macOS: VI Pro Remote App not working properly
• Fixed macOS: Substantially improved GUI performance on macOS Mojave
• Fixed macOS: A plethora of VST plugins failing scan
• Fixed WIN: Installation bug when installing on 32-bit Windows (please don't)
• Added VM1 App (macOS): VM1 Helper App 1.41
• Fixed VM1 App (macOS): Ensure correct channel configuration is used when creating channel effects from
VM1 App
• Fixed VM1 App (macOS): Instance window animation stops working when current instance is selected through VM1 App

Get the dl from your account or run & check



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