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[CLOSED] Cakewalk 2022.02 Early Access [Updated to Build 27]

Morten Saether

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7 hours ago, Ammapandu Chintalapati said:

I am unbale to change the start time of a video in Video Thumbnails track 

i.e, I can not move the video left or right in  Video Thumbnails track

I have changed the settings of Aud.ini value as shown in the image below (Cakewalk 2.jpg) , but still it is not working

Please help me


Cakewalk 1.jpg

Cakewalk 2.jpg

Sorry, I think currently is not possible no move the video around... it's been requested before, I think, and there is a whole explanation about the video engine that makes it very difficult.

But still, it's a very useful option: I hope it will be implemented at some point -

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15 hours ago, Keni said:

Thanks Morten, but it’s not the parent track. I’m used to that. This is the actual clip in the Lane disappearing when muted. Very difficult...


Just installed build 25 and this appears cured...



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UPDATE: Was spending unnecessary long time and losing a day's worth of work and samples over this keybinding story. I think something is installing a weird path to my VST folder in the VST SETTING Tab. It looked something like %LocalAppData%VST3 . . . . something. I than deleted/removed that, and now my keys are working again. So, now I need to identify where this path came from. 


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Well, removing it solved the problem cause i was still dealing with it before I removed that path. Saving a key bind now respect the commnd and opens the next time i use it. 

So, heres a question: Why would this be needed? So, if something/VST corrupts the guest account (where my wive creates her video theme songs) it's gona affect the main account too and Visa Versa? 

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13 hours ago, sreams said:

I haven't found a way to reproduce this consistently... but after installing the EA build today (was on the latest release build before that), I have had three crashes to desktop during playback. Two times just pressing play, and once a crash just in the middle of playback... with Cakewalk just disappearing.

@sreamsCan you set exceptionhandlingseverity to 7 in preferences config and retest?

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Why can’t I get the mp3 options back to my previous default?


Since 2022.2, nothing I have tried has managed to re-assert those settings 


This was with the first build (23?). I will try again with build 25 now.

Still no success. Nothing I do seems to enable changing the settings that the mp3 Options menu opens with. Other than the name appearing in the Artist filed (mine), all other settings are something I have never used.


Maybe some day we'll get the ability to store presets here? Or is the domain of the options application out of reach for Bandlab?

I count on this often. Though it's obviously not a game changer, it's a pain to have to repeatedly re-adjust these settings. Please?


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I reported the (admittedly minor) issues with the mixdown function - many thanks for looking at these. Two things to report back from my testing so far:

- good news: the output location is now saved with the project and not replaced by the default folder each time the project is re-opened

- not-so-good news: running a mixdown from a newly-opened project and not changing any settings still results in the project being flagged as 'dirty'. No changes are listed in history, but any time a mixdown is run the program seems to think it's necessary to save the project once more.


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2 hours ago, Mark MoreThan-Shaw said:

Folders still seem to be automatically expanding even after I have deselected the option

Or have I misunderstood perhaps ? When I put in a FR I meant when I drag/drop that I don't want it to open ...maybe you have have only changed the right click 'move to ' option ?  Can it not apply to both ?


With the option unchecked, it means folders won't be expanded if they're currently closed and you move a track or folder into them.

An empty folder however, is actually open by default - so moving a track into an empty folder will show it in the open folder.

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Definitely this build team. Registery and everything is fine. With 2022.02.023 my key bindings are there. With this build, theres two things that happens. I still wana know why guess permission is needed. Here's the weird thing in the main account in Keyboard Shortcuts enable gets unchecked. If i check it, I still don't get it to save with my workspace and in general. If I delete that %LocalAppData% path afterwards. It doesn't save too. 

So, in order for this to work -- I have to frist delete this guest/user path (dont know why) go to keyboard shortcuts import my shortcuts, enable selected, apply, then okay. I've tested this more than a few times and its the only method that gets keybindgs to save. I'm running happily again. 

So . . .? 

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I really appreciate  all the work you do and for keeping this software alive. At first when I saw it being abandoned I was very frustrated, Please keep up the great job your doing It's a blessing for the people who can't buy a good DAW. 

Thank you and kind regards from Studio55. 

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Terrible distortion and delay compensation is not correct with autotune in projects with the 2022.02 (25) update.  Might be a combination of plugins. 


2 audio files and CWB

There are duplicate buses because of a track template import. I was going to delete them, but I left them in, so the file does not change. 


Two songs checked,  same problem.

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