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RC-20 Retro Color $19 (normally $99.95) at Plugin Boutique

Craig N

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7 hours ago, dubdisciple said:

I don't think these type of plugins are strictly for lo-fi despite the marketing involved.  If they named it " Super Coloring Multi-Effect Tape Processor" it would work exactly the same in multiple genres.  Musicians use all manner of processors both physical (pedals and amps) and software that technically distort and degrade sound.  Every distortion pedal is not for everyone and this certainly isn't either.  At this price point i will likely get it because it is worth it just for processing samples alone.

I agree the marketing sort of pidgeonhole it for the lo-fi genre. I actually intend to use it to help sink instruments into the background. A lot of the time with the quality of samples and synths these days, you make a song with a bunch of tracks and they have so much brightness and oomph that you then have to spend a fair bit of time getting the sounds that are not supposed to be up front, sit back in the mix and not take away from the up front sounds. RC-20 makes that process easy. Sound is too pristine and prominent? Degrade it! Then you don't have to spend time working out how to tuck it under because it tucks itself under.

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24 minutes ago, telecode 101 said:

Classic. Love Phil.. I am also reminded on my fav Randy Newman song. "I've always been crazy about Irish girls"



Went to see him with my wife before covid. Standing six feet from him. He’s a monument. 

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