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jesse g

14 TB External Hard drive $35.99

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just got mine…fastest brick I’ve ever run. I clocked Thunderbolt 4 speeds hahah

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Arrived.  I grabbed the one I ordered for $39 that's supposed to be a 16 terrabytes SSD labelled "16T",  plugged it in and everything seems to be working fiALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!!


I kid. 


I went offline and plugged the drive into a macbook and opened disk utility.  

So I formatted the drive and named it "Walmart Scam" then did a 'get info' on the drive.


It looks to be the correct capacity.  So I copied over a 20gig file from my desktop, because I wanted to exceed 16gigs in case that was the scam.  It did copy over, so the capacity is at least over 20 gigs.  


There's no way this is a proper USB 3.1 SSD (see below) by real world standards.  Extremely slow.   Like, well over an hour to transfer the 20gb file.  USB2.0 at best.  Seriously, this is the slowest drive I've used in the past 30 years.  I'll include AIT tape backups with that.  


I notice no difference in speed changing cables types (USC-C etc).  

Basically feels like a very slow flash drive.  There's zero chance of seriously recording to these- I tried.  Sometimes when I plug in the drive it takes an extreme time to mount, and can even cause weird things like system hangs. I was hoping at worst, they are large capacity slower drives that I could backup projects on and upcharge the labels for.  I'll probably just return them all but I'll probably sleep on it.  Kinda tempted to pop one open in the interest of science, but I'm guessing it'll be like the youtube already posted.  



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