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Studio One 5 - Sound Variations Huge Time-Saver ($97)

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This group (Babylonwaves) has been working on mappings of articulations for years.

For one purchase of about $97 - Version 8 just released - you get Sound Variations in Studio One 5+ mapped for more than 600 libraries or instruments.

A whole package of 600+ library articulations specifically mapped to Studio One 5+ Sound Variations.

So instead of manually typing in these mappings you can get all of these in one quick install. It’s pretty cool!

Time is money - so it’s a fantastic deal even if not on discount.

Example software and instruments are too many to list.  Okay, here’s one.  The Orange tree libraries - all of those guitars and their many articulations.  All wired up and ready to go in Studio One.  The list goes on and on - Heavyocity, Spitfire, Native Instruments…


If you click on the 9,000 Templates link on that page you get the full list of the many products it has included. Admittedly it leans very much into orchestral libraries but it also covers a good number of non-orchestral products - like guitar libraries and some key libraries. Forgot to mention they strive hard to make this as easy to use as possible.

One thing to point out is that visiting the Babylonwaves site on first visit asks you to accept cookies just to see their website.  It’s well worth the visit.

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Thank you for posting this! I didn't know this existed. Does it ever go on sale?

No Indiginus Sounds (it's my folk fiddle of choice) nor Ilya Esimov's Russian strings (not a biggie).

BUT, they DO have Ample Sound (big YAY on this), EW, Spitfire, and NI, as well as OT which you already mentioned. 

They even have a small free version for Cakewalk and Spitfire's Discover. 

This seems pretty nifty to me, but I can't figure out if I can add my own mappings for the libraries they don't current handle.

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You can add your own mappings as usual.  The Art Conductor set (all of these) are neatly grouped under their menu under Sound Variations.

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