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George Nauman

Articulation mapping of CC data


Hi all - I'm using EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Opus edition in CbB to write some pieces. I've set up articulation maps as follows:

Each instrument has its own Opus instance. Within each instance are several articulations, each assigned to a separate MIDI channel. As an example, 1st Violin has a legato patch on channel 1, a staccato patch on channel 2, and a pizzicato patch on channel 3. The articulation maps have a group with 3 entries (legato, staccato and pizzicato). Each entry has 2 MIDI transform definitions, one for notes and one for CC data. So when a note is assigned to a legato articulation, regardless of the note's channel (usually ch 1), it is sent to the Opus patch for legato via channel 1; the same thing happens for the other 2 articulations - the notes are sent to the appropriate patch. However, the CC data appears to be unaffected, in that I can control CC1 and CC11 for the first articulation/patch, but not for the other 2. I'm using a Nektar LX88+ as my MIDI controller, with the mod wheel controlling CC1 and the master fader controlling CC11.


Any thoughts? TIA...

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