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Carlos  Iglesias

Surge change to Surge XT

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We are happy to release Surge XT 1.0 today.

Surge XT 1.0 is available at https://surge-synthesizer.github.io. It installs with a new plugin ID ("Surge XT") side by side with our version from April 2021, Surge 1.9.

Surge XT contains a massive number of new features and infrastructural improvements. You can read the full changelog at https://surge-synthesizer.github.io/changelog/ but the highlights are:

* The entire synth has been ported to the JUCE framework, making for far more reliable plugins and behavior, as well as providing us loads of dev tools
* We have expanded the power of the modulation section, introducing vector modulators and a new Formula modulator
* We have expanded the FX section, allowing twice as many FX per patch and adding new FX including a Spring Reverb and several new Airwindows
* We have expanded the Waveshapers, going from 5 waveshaper models to nearly 50, and added a new filter model
* We've added patch search and patch favorites to the patch browser
* We've added loads of microtuning features, including an extensive tuning editor and analyzer
* We've added a modulation list which lets you navigate and modify the entire modulation list in one view
* We've fixed innumerable bugs and added many many UI features, including more use of drag and drop, windows which can tear out, and keybindings
* We've added masses of amazing new patches using the new features. These are all in the "third party" section. These new contributions push Surge to spaces we never thought possible, with some amazing electronic pads, physically modeled real instruments, and more. We really encourage you to spend some time in those third party presets.
* And finally, we made the entire UI accessible to screen readers and other accessible tools for near-complete accessible navigation and editing

We hope you enjoy the release! If you find something, please hit us on Discord or GitHub and enjoy making music with Surge!


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7 minutes ago, satyabrata satapathy said:


Yessss, it's been picked up by the Surge Team. It's only available as the original 32 bit version for now, with no release date for the new version announced. 

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This free PDF eBook called "How to Make a Noise", by Simon Cann (293 pages), was published in 2007. It featured the original Surge Synth as one of the synths used in his examples for synthesizer programming, as well as a few other popular VSTi synths of that time, including Cakewalk z3ta+.  :)

Click the link contained on this page to get the download:



How To Make A Noise: a Comprehensive Guide to Synthesizer Programming is perhaps the most widely ready book about synthesizer sound programming. It is a comprehensive, practical guide to sound design and synthesizer programming techniques using:

  • subtractive (analog) synthesis
  • frequency modulation synthesis (including phase modulation and ring modulation)
  • additive synthesis
  • wave-sequencing
  • sample-based synthesis


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