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This is how stir crazy I am ....


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I got this PM last night from the S1 forum ...


In the above forum conversation, you had posted a diagram to show how to see the routing available for a bus, but the image is no longer showing. I realize it's been almost 8 years, but any chance you still have that picture haha?

... I don't have the diagram anymore and I'm so bored I'm actually drawing up another one for him.

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That was the plan, but I never got around to setting up a NAS server. I used to use Tinypic but they deleted all the free accounts and went to a paid site only. Not even sure if they exist anymore. Just checked. Nope. They are gone.

I haven't been able to find a free direct linkable photo storage site. I just went through the trouble of doing another screenshot with a diagram on it to give the guy and freaking Presonus won't allow you to attach anything. It has to be stored somewhere else and linked to.

Edit: I was wrong. You can upload an attachment.

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8 minutes ago, craigb said:

For now, upload it here and link to that! 🙂

I thought about that but figured I'd ruffle some scales. 

I have to correct myself. I was wrong. You can upload attachments on their forum. It's way at the bottom below everything else in the reply screen.

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