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Happy Christmas

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Can I just wish everyone here a Happy Xmas, this is such a great forum. My questions as a novice have sometimes been idiotically simple but always I get helpful, measured responses and nothing rude or disparaging, even though everyone has forgotten more than I know. My recordings get better all the time ( from a very low start to be fair)  A big thanks to all who replied to my posts over this year, even doing screenshots and little vids, wow,  and somehow kept their patience. And a special thanks to John at Cactus Music for helping me,  and doing those little " how to" videos. 

Out there, this is clearly a completely bonkers and often quite nasty  World,  but this little forum is a part of it that shines out as being pleasant helpful and , well...just NICE!


So what I mean is all the best to you and have a lovely Christmas and new year!



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