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Larry Shelby

2019.5 CbB Relase available

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Features & Enhancements

Arpeggiator Rate Lock option to prevent the rate from changing when selecting arpeggiator presets

Bug Fixes

Rename Clip command not available if clip automation is present

Renaming a synth in the Synth Rack does not update the corresponding MultiDock tab

Selection range does not refresh properly while dragging if Aim Assist is disabled

Automated Mute not working correctly on MIDI Tracks

MIDI Mute envelopes can’t be assigned to other MIDI envelope types

German text is cut off in the Control Bar Export module

Selecting a Lens that contains a screenset will not update the UI under certain circumstances (for instance, projects based on the ‘Empty Project’ template don’t show tracks in the Track view if a Lens is selected)

VST2 plug-ins can fail to load from MRU list on systems with vast number of plug-ins

Quick Group Freeze of tracks only works a single time in a project

Freeze Tail Duration is ignored when ‘Track FX’ is deselected in the Freeze Options dialog box

Rare crash when deleting envelopes

Potential crash if closing project during Opening Project toast notifications

Hang opening projects with Opening Project toast notifications when control surface is active

Potential hang when opening project with UWP MIDI driver mode (can happen if Bluetooth MIDI devices are disconnected while opening Cakewalk) When disconnected there will be a delay of a few seconds while Cakewalk tries to connect before it times out

Projects containing certain plug-ins could crash when closing project if the Start Screen is enabled

Loud pop at end of AudioSnap clip when 64-bit engine is off when using élastique stretching

Control Bar Export module is not available in Lens Manager

CWAF Tool reads CbB files as Future Version

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I think these are the release notes Larry:

Release Notes (2019.05)

Features & Enhancements

ARA 2 (Audio Random Access) plug-in support. ARA 2 provides tighter, more efficient app integration of next generation ARA plug-ins such as Melodyne 4, including sharing tracks, regions, selection, as well as other project settings

Improved editing of ARA 2 regions with a shared view across all plug-in instances

Multi-clip slip stretching (hold down CTRL+SHIFT, then drag any selected clip edge to stretch all selected clips, or use the Stretch tool)

The global Timing tool has been renamed to Stretch tool

The Gain knob in the Inspector controls either audio Input Gain or MIDI Velocity Offset for Instrument tracks, depending on whether the Audio tab or MIDI tab is selected

Updated zplane élastique v3.3.0.23501 audio stretching and pitch shifting with bug fixes and performance enhancements

The Stretch tool (available by right-clicking the Edit tool in the Control Bar) now works on multiple selected clips, and also supports lasso selection and time selection

Bug Fixes

Clip Properties Inspector shows incorrect M:B:T clip length (actual length + 1 measure)

Step Record continues to record to the original track after you switch focus to another armed track

Arpeggiator Rate control fails to update when the parameter is automated

MIDI only projects are immediately marked as dirty on file open

Accessing menu commands can unnecessarily mark a project as dirty

Bounce to Clip(s) results in mono data if a clip envelope is selected; Bounce to Clip(s) is now unavailable if the selection does not contain MIDI or audio data

Intermittent crash when opening projects

Closing a project immediately after opening can cause a crash

Staff view fails to persist on project load

Opening lyrics view when transport is playing causes crash

Slip editing allows clips to be made zero length

Clip waveform sometimes disappears while slip stretching

Waveform display in split audio clip appears to adjust crop when slip stretching

Slip Stretching MIDI clip causes clip data to disappear

Slip Stretching cropped MIDI clip causes clip data to change unexpectedly

Undoing slip stretching of audio clips could sometimes not restore the clip to its original state

Slip Stretching clip to max, then dragging in opposite direction causes clamp to fail

After stretching a clip to the max 400%, releasing the mouse, then attempting to stretch the left edge further causes all stretching to get lost unexpectedly

Drag copying an ARA Region FX clip to create a new clip can result in a crash

Tracks still visible in Melodyne after deleting or freezing tracks with Region FX clips

Melodyne UI doesn't show slip stretching preview while editing until mouse up

Canceling from a slip edit or slip stretch doesn't restore ARA regions in Melodyne

When slip stretching a Melodyne Region FX clip from the left side, Undo does not restore the Melodyne data to its original location

Undoing a copied Melodyne clip leaves blobs visible in Melodyne

Cropping a stretched Melodyne clip causes blobs to shift unexpectedly

Melodyne does not update when changing clip start time or duration from Clip Inspector

Melodyne doesn't show preview while dragging Melodyne Region FX clips

Clip loses focus in Melodyne after dragging to a new track


Kudos to BandLab - Impressive!!!

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Very nice update! Thanks for the heads-up Larry.

Thanks Bandlab - seems super stable on a few projects I have tried so far.

As a side note I have also finally updated to the latest Melodyne (4.2.1) which seems to work fine.

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Melodyne freeze issue when drop an audio clip to the time ruler is fixed?

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2 hours ago, HIBI said:

Melodyne freeze issue when drop an audio clip to the time ruler is fixed?

Just tried it on a recorded live song wav file that is 4m 40 seconds long. It took a while but worked OK and produced a correct looking tempo map.

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