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Hi folks, 

I have already filed this with support, but I'm yet to hear back, so I thought I'd check if anyone here has encountered this issue. 

I have been working off a new template, and have noticed 5 mixes into a new album, that no audio is saving to the respective audio folder, after saving a standard CWP. I have replicated the issue on both my laptop and desktop PC. I have also tried saving the original template as CWP, saving to a new location, and saving as a CWP before importing audio. The problem still persists. 

Furthermore, any time I open the template, the 'Find missing audio' box appears, even though there is no missing audio to be found. I can't get rid of this box. I'm thinking this might be something to do with the issue? The clean audio folder option is greyed out in utilities. 

Any help would be great, as I don't fancy starting these 5 mixes from scratch unless I can help it. 


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