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24hr Flash Sale - Save up to 70% on Toontrack EZX Americana


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29 minutes ago, Bad Penguin said:

So, which has more MIDI? The EDX or the MIDI pack?

They're identical. This isn't like later releases where the associated MIDI pack provided additional MIDI grooves to those provided in the EZX release. Maybe that's something they started when EZD2 was released. The Americana MIDI pack is for those who don't want to buy the EZX, but what the MIDI. Pure duplication.

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3 hours ago, John Maar said:

Not exactly. From the bottom of that product page:

Please note that this is the same MIDI as included in the Americana EZX.

The EZX (which is on sale) comes with MIDI.  That MIDI is also sold completely by itself (if you want the drum patterns but not the drum sounds).  If you buy the EZX you get the MIDI package.  There are a few Toontrack drum EZX and SDX that include MIDI that is also sold separately.  So you have to be careful when buying the MIDI packs least you buy the same thing twice.  Here's my list of those overlaps (but this is a few months old):


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12 hours ago, Bad Penguin said:

BEWARE, at least for now, the gift cards are not properly crediting. I purchased a $25 gift card for $22.50, and the gift card has a value of only $22.50! Sent e-mails. Awaiting a response.

Sorry about that, I think the tech team have sorted this for you now. We're temporarily removing the discount and seeing if we can work around it. Technology always has a way of not working as intended

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