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Johan Krafft

Sync Input Echo to playback

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Hello community!

It has been ages since I setup a DAW with Cakewalk, and I know I've been able to solve this before but I'm reaching out with hope that someone can understand and help me with the following:

I'm on a setup with a UAD Apollo Twin, using outboard synths and software plug-ins for effects. I am relying on playing my MIDI clips in real-time, and I have configured my audio interface to mute the incoming signal for monitoring, and solely play the output through "Input echo" on a channel. I can live with the small latency when plying the notes, and that is how I want my setup to function.

But when I play back a recorded midi-clip, I would like Cakewalk to buffer everything else in the project in order for the midi signal to sync better when playing back the project. As it is now, the midi comes in sync - but with some milliseconds delayed. I hope you understand what I mean. Is there a way to configure my system like this?

Kind regards from cold Sweden,


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