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Hopefully not my final request here. Including a Thank You.

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How do I request this so that it can be understood? 


• Create two bus/aux tracks and insert the same reverb with favourite preset on both and name the one "Routing" Buss/Aux and the second one "Send" Buss/Aux.

• Insert a dry vocal track/sample. 

Here comes the listening skill. 

Route the vocal track output to the buss called "Routing" and make a mental note out of it. Got it? GOOD! Now default the Vocal track output. 

This time: Send the same vocal track to the "Send" buss. Did you hear the difference in volume? If not . . . feel free to flip between them a few times |OR| export the two files in difference. 

I know this has been in debate a few times, but this results speaks for itself. That +dB increase in volume has always been a pain trying to balance things. So, if the bakers can manage to balance it's sends volume to the same value as that of Routing the Output -  decision making will be a breeze with effects. 

Here's that Thank You that is mentioned in the title.

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