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Sale Expires May 17th, 2019

This past year has been a busy one at Gospel Musicians. We embarked on a very odorous journey of developing our own synth architecture in Pure Synth. As a result, we have launched three outstanding products in FM TiNES, Pure Synth Platinum, and BASSalicious 2....and there is more to come. The thing that we feel sets us apart from many of the products our there is not just our attention to sound detail, but our uncanny ear to what things ARE SUPPOSE TO SOUND like. We spent over 5-years searching diligent and trying to figure out why the sounds on the radio don't sound the same as the samples. Well, we figured out the secret sauce and we are pouring that sauce into different products. 

"Odorous" or arduous? LOL!



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I really like Gospel Musicians but the attention to detail seems rather lacking when it comes to punctuation and grammar.

1. Onerous;

2. There are more;

3. Out there;

4. Ear for;

5. Are supposed;

6. Five years;

7. Diligently.

Have I missed any?

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